Welcome to Southern Colorado
Preserving and Perpetuating Southern Colorado's Pioneer History
We are a non-profit group that was founded on February 10, 1910. The Southern Chapter began in 1940 in the San Luis Valley. The Territorial Daughters of Colorado is chartered to perpetuate the memories and traditions of the pioneers who laid the foundation for the State of Colorado; to place and locate markers at such places in the state as may be determined to be of historical interest; to participate in public ceremonies for the preservation of pioneer history; and to make gifts or loans of money or property for charitable, educational, religious or literary purposes.
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    Our Projects
    The Southern Chapter is currently working on three projects. 1) Placing markers and developing a booklet about the Taos Trail in Huerfano County. 2) Developing a booklet for a driving tour of the Coal Mine camps of Southern Colorado. 3) Helping to preserve and protect the Doyle School and Cemetery in Pueblo County.
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    Membership Requirements
    Membership in the organization shall be limited to women of 18 years of age or older who are direct descendants by blood or adoption of individuals who were residents of the Territory that became the State of Colorado on August 1, 1876; and who are accepted into TDC and remain in good standing.
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    Territorial Daughter Chapters
    Currently there are four chapters located throughout Colorado. They are: Southern Chapter, Denver Chapter, Greeley Centennial Chapter, Western Chapter.
Our People
President: Tamara Estes
Vice-President: Margaret Stiles Storm
Secretary: Tonya Sharp
Treasurer: Peggy Martin
Historian: Betsy Denney
Parliamentarian: Margaret Stiles Storm

State Board Representatives: Tamara Estes, Denise (Anne) Gimlin, JoAnn Peralta-Templeton
Our Meetings

Doyle School

September Chapter Meeting-
​Date: September 22
Time: Noon
Location: Nino's Restaurant, Alamosa, CO

State Executive Board Meeting
Date: October 27
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs

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Proud to be descendants of Colorado pioneers